Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interview with wickedness in sever 4

How long have you been playing WYD?
"3 months"

What level are you?
"319 God and 400 mortal"

About how much do you play a day (not including cc)?
"5 hour."

What guild are you OP for?
"My god is in LOVE LAND and my mortal is in shield."

Where do you cc?

Do you buy WCoin?

What advice would you give to all the noobs out there?
"enjoy WYD and keep leveling and never give up when there are so many obstacles along the way and join every event they're REALLY FUN!!!!!!

Thanks wickedness for letting me interview you...ALL YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE (yes including you CMs and GMs.. BE PREPARED CAUSE YOU MAY BE NEXT..

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Hi all its SaltNPeppa

Hey all its SaltNPeppa and this is my interview site...I am going to run around WYD and interview different people...From Noobs to celes and souls and gods...So look out!!!!!!!!!!!!